Author: Shane Turner

CCNY, UTEP Team Up to Increase Hispanic Faculty in STEM

Tweet The program, which started last week, is called “Collaborative Research: The Hispanic AGEP Alliance for the Environmental Science and Engineering Professoriate,” and is receiving $3.7 million in funding from the National Science Foundation. “I am very excited about this partnership as CCNY and UTEP are two very strong and influential HSIs,” Dr. Marybeth Gasman, the director of the Penn Center for Minority-Serving Institutions at the University of Pennsylvania, said in an email response to Diverse. “Both institutions have excellent STEM programs.” CCNY is based in Harlem and serves a large number of Hispanic students. UTEP, located in El...

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Diversity in Higher Ed IT

Tweet Higher ed IT still struggles with diversity Diversity on IT staff is important in its own right, but diverse staff members can also be a source of inspiration and emulation for STEM students of color who are embarking on paths into professions that often suffer from a lack of diversity in their own right. Tech industries have realized the problem, which is why you see companies like Intel investing heavily in historically black colleges and universities, for example. A 2015 report found that STEM fields were no more diverse than they had been 14 years prior. College administrators...

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HBCU Leaders Aim to Make Campuses More LGBTQ Inclusive

Tweet   HBCU presidents and executives convened a summit to develop more strategic ways to turn their campuses into safe spaces for students that identify as LGBTQ.   “We’re committed to creating safe spaces for LGBTQ students,” says Dr. Makola Abdullah, president of Virginia State University. The university’s efforts are similar in that they will also consist of training opportunities for faculty and staff to help them understand how to make the campus more inclusive.   The presidents and executives of 14 HBCUs met recently at the headquarters of the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBTQ organization. Working...

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Diversity Jobs and Inclusion Jobs in Higher Education

Tweet Diversity Jobs A greater emphasis has been placed on recruiting a diverse workforce since the realization that having a diverse employee base and inclusion program improves business development and results. In higher education where instititutions are becoming increasingly global and highly complex, the purpose has been two-fold, as efforts to attract and retain a diverse student body has been met with demands that the college or university staff and faculty look like the students they serve as well as improving management diversity. This has required the creation of inclusion management programs. This shift in priorities for recruiting has...

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When do public universities cease to be public?

Tweet Public higher education has faced declining federal funding since the 1980’s when Ronald Reagan cut higher education spending by 25%. States began to follow suit in the 80’s as well. The shift of paying a greater share of the cost of higher education from the tax payers to the students accelerated in the wake of the great recession of 2007 and never recovered. Some states have decided to get out of funding higher education at all. In 2012, Arizona was among the first dominoes to fall. “In the last couple of years, as we’ve come out of the...

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